SÜDPACK Technology

SÜDPACK – the perfect symbiosis of a unique combination of technologies, outstanding expertise and top quality

Modern technology – always a step ahead

High standards of quality are only feasible with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art machinery

SÜDPACK is one of the leading experts in the coextrusion of high-performance films with integrated barriers and features based on multiple polymer layers.
We manufacture under controlled conditions, use cutting-edge technology and make sure to strike the optimal balance between resource efficiency and performance.
Our core competencies:

  • Coextrusion Blown film and cast film extrusion
  • In-house print preparation and scalable print technologies (digital, offset, flexo, rotogravure printing)
  • Solvent-based/solvent-free lamination
  • Slitting
  • Conversion also possible in clean rooms for bags and rolled goods

SÜDPACK MEDICA – an experienced partner for meeting any challenge

SÜDPACK products are the result of a consistent focus on a low particle count and first-rate quality.
The production of bags and closure systems for the medical, pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry is performed in our clean room facilities in Normandy and the highest standards of hygiene and quality are observed.


Our high-quality bag solutions made of extruded EAE or mono-PE tubing are ideal for customization in length and width as needed. Thanks to the geometry of the tubular bags, we reduce the number of seals, which not only provides good access to the product, but also the highest degree of packaging safety.

  • Flexibility in terms of format
  • Functionality provided by integrated opening aids
  • Recyclability



Our peelable sealed pouches are composed of two flat films. If special properties and features are desired, the front and reverse may also be made of different materials. Thanks to our flexibility in sealing and printing, customized sizing and multicolor printing are also possible.

  • Suitable for ethylene gas, radiation or steam sterilization
  • Production in an ISO 8 clean room
  • High degree of flexibility



Our blister lids are suitable, based on their composition, for a wide range of sterilization methods.
The base materials, medical paper or Tyvek®, can be sealed to various tray materials. Other options include individual lidfilms for the individual sealing of trays as well as multicolor, customized prints and die-cutting.

  • Production in an ISO 7 clean room
  • Clear customer focus
  • Customized solutions



The requirements for sterile goods and their packaging are extremely high:
qualified raw materials, a low particle load and manufacturing under the most hygienic conditions. Which is why for maximum quality and safety, we use specially monitored, ISO-certified clean rooms in Coulmer (F).

  • Class 10 000-ISO7 in accordance with ISO 14644-1 for the production and printing of blister lids and storage containers
  • Class 100 000-ISO8 in accordance with ISO 14644-1 for bags

Enclosures keep excess pressure at a defined level during production and offer reliable protection against contamination from airborne microbes and particles.

Which is why we have enclosed one cast extrusion machine and one blown extrusion machine specifically for the production of films for the medical device industry.

  • Maximum safety and hygiene
  • Optimal product and packaging protection

Thanks to our in-house compounding facilities, we can specifically adapt the property profiles of our plastics to meet individual requirements.

Our unique expertise is of tremendous benefit in the pharmaceutical industry in particular – and an important option for homogenization and the formulation of special functional layers.

The on-site regranulation of internal reusable materials for selected applications is a milestone for us when it comes to sustainability.


Whether digital, flexo, offset or gravure print –
SÜDPACK MEDICA offers customers all standard printing processes.
For applications in the field of sterile barriers, we use special printing ink systems that fulfill the regulatory requirements and also withstand the necessary sterilization processes.
Our in-house repro and plate production ensure consistent quality and a high degree of flexibility.

multiXtrusion – advancement by innovation

For the rapid and cost-effective development of products, we rely on cutting-edge technology.
Our multiXtrusion pilot plant makes it possible to depict and test the blown and cast film extrusion of films on an industrial scale.
With reduced material and energy consumption.