Puncture and abrasion resistant. Robust. SÜDPACK.

Implants and fixation support solutions – safe storage, safe transport, safe access to the product.

Most implants made from metal or ceramic materials are used as joint replacements or for the stabilization of osseous structures.
The abrasive surfaces and high part weights place particular strain on their packaging. For this purpose, the right film has to be abrasion and puncture resistant.
Packaging for orthopedic adhesives and cements, on the other hand, are characterized by their good chemical resistance.

  • Sturdy and highly durable thermoforming films
  • Specialized bag solutions for adhesives and cements
  • Tear resistant films for high stresses

Orthopedic products require high packaging competence. SÜDPACK has this competence.


High product protection and maintenance of the sterile barrier: optimum packaging is perfectly designed for a product, and our product is perfectly designed for customer requirements. Whether we combine rigid films with Tyvek, equip flexible thermoformed films with oxygen barrier, or offer PA/PE or OPA/ALU/PE bag making materials all depends on the respective product.

  • Wide range of offers
  • Different types of sterilization
  • Different barrier options

SÜDPACK offers a diversified range of packaging for screws, plates, wires and other products required for the sturdy fixation of associated bone fragments.

Depending on the requirements, rigid and flexible films suitable for sterilization, thermoformed films with and without barrier function, smart material composites, PA/PE and OPA/ALU/PE bag making material are available.


Cement for orthopedic care remains optimally protected against humidity in PA/PE or LDPE bags. We keep a wide range of different package sizes in stock ready for our customers. Our strong packaging concepts ensure a permanent sterile barrier and are suitable for radiation sterilization.

  • Wide range of products
  • Suitable for sterilization
  • High durability