Customer-specific film solutions – for special requirements

In collaboration with our customers, we design and develop toiler made solutions

Development partner with expertise and technology

The success of packaging is based on many factors – and on partner cooperations.

Our individual packaging solutions fulfill our customers’ requirements. What are the guarantees for success? Our efficient development and testing process, specialized machine technology, experienced expert teams and a high vertical range of production. From compounding via extrusion and finishing, right up to printed bags, we steer every process step – and have also optimized our high-tech solutions in terms of sustainability. In this way, we always cater for the legal framework conditions – and are also able to comply with requirements such as pharmacopoeia-compliant films.

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Planova – the particularly sustainable material

Organic-based and biologically degradable: our product family made from renewable raw materials

The topic of sustainability is also gaining momentum in medical technology and pharmaceutical environments. We at SÜDPACK MEDICA have underlined our leading role in this field through our own location for the development of bioplastics and a wide range of PLA films. Our high-performance blown and cast films are maize-based, and these are gentle on the environment and climate as well as providing optimum protection. PLA is also industrially compostable in compliance with DIN EN 13432. The films can be individually adapted with regard to their properties – for example with a lower water vapor barrier to assist with drying processes.

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Veraplex – the particularly thin material

Less is more: the thin film solution with high puncture resistance

The latest extrusion technology permits us to stretch the blown film biaxially during the production process. In this way, films with high puncture and buckling resistance can be produced with economical use of materials, which are also able to cope with heavy stresses with regard to permanent vibrations such as those generated during transport. With a film thickness reduced by up to 50 %, our high-performance Veraplex films are not only particularly environmentally friendly, but also, thanks to their good machinability, increase efficiency during packaging – and yet the product safety, high transparency and excellent barrier function are upheld.

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Multi SV Skin – the versatile product

Fits like a second skin: optimum product safety in spite of thin film

Our sustainable, rather unconventional packaging concept for the health sector consists of a sturdy bottom web and a thin, high-performance top web. During the vacuuming and shrinking process, the flexible top web wraps itself tightly like a second skin around the product without deforming it. The packaged goods are fixed in their packaging and thus exposed to less stress, for example during transport. The transparent films permit a clear view of the product, and are also characterized through their good peel properties and high material efficiency.

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