SÜDPACK films – manufactured on state of the art machines

As leading experts in the coextrusion of films with high performance requirements, we at SÜDPACK have the required know-how – both in cast and in blow film extrusion. The polymers are combined directly in the coextrusion process without the use of lamination adhesives for environmental reasons.

Blown films from SÜDPACK

Large selection of structures and different functionalities

SÜDPACK blown films can be used as top webs or as bag making material.
Through the intelligent combination of multiple polymers and different technologies in a single production step, extremely thin films with high puncture resistance can be developed, which offer optimized product and packaging protection with minimal use of resources.
In the process, additional material properties can be influenced in longitudinal and transverse direction. Depending on the requirements, our transparent high-tech films are optimizable with regard to barrier and peel properties, and also their shrink characteristics.

Cast films from SÜDPACK

Flexible films with high puncture resistance for the thermoforming process

Cast films from SÜDPACK are exceptional in every regard.
These flexible PA, PE and PP-based films convince customers due to their excellent sealing characteristics with regard to different top webs for securing the sterile barrier – as well as their outstanding thermoforming characteristics with minimized shrink and high puncture resistance. They are thin and therefore conserve resources, and yet, thanks to the intelligent combination of polymers with outstanding properties, are extremely strong. This also applies to their barrier, chemical and mechanical resistance.