Large selection of structures and functionalities

SÜDPACK is the leading expert for solvent-based and solvent-free laminations.
State of the art lines and our wide field of expertise permit the production of functional films and also high barrier laminates which perfectly unite the best properties of various film types. These are also available in medium lot sizes.

Duplex structures

The combination possibilities for oriented and non-oriented films are almost infinite.

SÜDPACK duplex composites form a reliable closure system for diverse applications such as strip packaging and flow wraps which can also be opened easily.
Depending on the respective requirement, the transparent laminates can be equipped with high oxygen, humidity and light barriers, optimized with regard to sterilization strength and printed using gravure, flexo, offset and digital methods.

  • Conformity with foodstuff and pharmaceutical law provisions
  • Peelable / lock seal properties with high sealing force
  • Efficient packaging process at high speeds

Triplex structures

Large selection of structures and various functionalities

In comparison to duplex composites, the additional barrier layers improve the shelf life of filling goods such as sensitive powder or gel-based drug products.
Thanks to user-friendly opening aids, SÜDPACK triplex composites also represent a practical packaging concept for drug products in individual tins and sachets for customers on the go. Their high heat resistance ensures good sealability during the filling process, and high packaging safety.

  • Outstanding printability in gravure, flexo, offset and digital printing
  • Sealing properties with high sealing force
  • Foodstuff and/or pharmaceutical conformity