Medical products – reliably packaged

Safe and sterile all the way to the patient
Sterile material for surgical procedures

Reliable. Packaged. Sterile. Protected.

For increased safety of use and patient protection

Whether for diagnostics, treatment or subsequent wound care:
Medical products are highly sensitive goods that not only have to be manufactured with a maximum degree of precision, but also packaged with particular care – with different requirements in terms of packaging type, films, bags and printing:

  • Customized packaging solutions –
    depending on the product, material and safety requirements
  • High microbial barrier properties and mechanical strength as well as stable adhesion strength
  • Customer and application-specific sterile barrier systems –
    for reliable protection
Patient with infusion in hospital

Fields of application


Modern catheter and ostomy systems improve the quality of everyday life. With plastic bags and films, SÜDPACK MEDICA makes it possible to efficiently package, effectively sterilize and easily and discreetly remove these products.

  • Economical packaging options with high cycle rates and short sealing times
  • Excellent resistance to storage solutions and local anesthetics
  • Customer-specific solutions for special sectors


Silicone urinary catheter urine sterile

Contact lenses must be safely stored in a NaCl solution until they are used. For this purpose, SÜDPACK MEDICA offers thermoformable and also recyclable rigid films for attractive blister packaging, characterized by a high degree of stability and barrier options.

  • Excellent thermoforming properties for precise molding with optimized shrink
  • High resistance to liquids
  • Solutions suited for steam sterilization



Syringes, needles, port systems, catheters and sensors are part of everyday life in the field of medical care. 3 sides sealed pouches, lids (single die-cut lids or reel fed lidding material), flow wraps, thermoformable films and innovative special products – the cost and resource-efficient packaging solutions by SÜDPACK convince clients in every regard.

  • Comprehensive application experience
  • Optimum product protection
  • Good peel and opening characteristics



Dialysis products sustain and prolong lives. Sterile packaging concepts are therefore just as important as efficient treatment procedures. Whether dialysis filters, needles. connectors or tubing – our high-performance packaging solutions fulfill even the highest standards.

  • Specific packaging solutions for individual products and sets
  • High level of expertise
  • Puncture-resistant materials for sharp-edged or bulky items



Implants keep people mobile. However, the sterile barrier and the stability of the packaging required for these often heavy artificial joints pose a particular challenge. Our films and bag making material are therefore particularly robust and can be punched, compression molded and thermoformed.

  • High level of puncture and tear resistance
  • Special bag solutions for storage and transportation
  • Abrasion resistance and sealability



In surgery, infection prevention can save lives. This makes sterile instruments, surgical drapes and protective equipment absolutely essential. SÜDPACK therefore offers a wide portfolio of specific product and complete solutions for surgery sets for increased safety in surgery environments.

  • Bag making material and thermoformable packaging
  • Flexible thermoforming films for bulky textiles
  • Optimum peel characteristics for easy product removal


Your partner for medical packaging solutions

Customer, product and future-oriented: For more than 50 years, SÜDPACK has been a leading manufacturer in the development and manufacture of plastic packaging.
Since 1989, the company has also produced goods for the medical sector.

Innovative and sustainable

Compounding, regranulation, extrusion and lamination – our high, integrated vertical range of production sets the standards

Controlled and experienced

For as long as we can remember, maximum product and packaging protection has always been our motivation and claim –
and patient protection has always been our most important goal. 

Caring and Reliability

As a family-run business,
we focus on short decision-making processes, strong ties with partners and consistent investments.