Thermoformable films for lenses and instruments

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Steam sterilizable, stable, convenient and suitable for liquid storage media – films from SÜDPACK

Contact lenses have become highly popular. They are usually submerged in a special solution within blister packaging, and therefore remain optimally protected until they are used.
For the production of this attractive transparent packaging, SÜDPACK offers a strong portfolio of thermoformable films, which is characterized through optimized shrink characteristics and high stability.
Our polypropylene-based films are optimized for the polyolefin-based reusable material cycle and are therefore particularly sustainable.

  • Suitable for steam sterilization
  • Complex molding possible
  • Resistant to storage substances

The right solution for all requirements – Made by SÜDPACK.


Daily disposable lenses and high-quality lenses designed for a year’s use are generally stored in liquid storage media.

The packaging is of a more or less elaborate design, depending on the price segment. And yet it is immaterial which product should be packaged hygienically – with regard to the molding, the priorities are stability and easy access to the lenses inside.

In addition, the films must be suitable for steam sterilization. SÜDPACK offers a wide selection of suitable films.

Contact lenses in blister package

The products required for ophthalmological operations require packaging with superior properties. A high puncture resistance, for example, can be achieved through thermoformable films for sealing against Tyvek or medical papers.

For an optimum packaging result, individual moldings are also possible, which adapt perfectly to the product due to the optimized shrink.

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