Packaging systems for increased safety during surgery

Efficient surgery & an optimized sterile area with safely-packaged disposable instruments and non-woven materials

Today, efficient complete solutions are available for reliable protection against the infection of patients and medical staff during surgical interventions.
SÜDPACK supplies the market with various bag and thermoformable packaging systems. Our sturdy thermoforming films protect breathable, sterilized non-woven materials as well as overgarments for specialist staff. We supply neatly-presented surgery kit packaging for disposable instruments. Sterile gloves, on the other hand, are best stored in packaging optimized towards non-curling. All of these products require easy, sterile access.

SÜDPACK – packaging solutions for safe surgery conditions


These are some of the most frequently-used standard products in medical care, but require a high packaging competence.

Our solutions have been designed so that they can be molded with little shrink, permit easy access to the sterile product, and so that the lidding material does not curl after opening.

Drop, vibration and immersion tests have confirmed their high quality.


Today, rigid surgery kits provide immense relief for staff during surgical interventions thanks to the clear layout in trays.

The kits are best packaged in printable sterile bags which can be opened aseptically and which permit easy access to the product.

In addition, the packaging must meet the required transport test standards, and above all be puncture resistant. Our portfolio is optimally designed for these requirements.


With regard to our packaging solutions for individual instruments, we focus in particular on puncture resistance as well as on even, easy and residue-free peel characteristics.

This is because demanding everyday surgery requires packaging which can be easily and cleanly opened, and which guarantees aseptic access to the respective instrument.

  • Easy to open
  • Puncture resistant
  • Hygienic