Ideal protection and easy handling. SÜDPACK.

Patient with incontinence problems
SÜDPACK solutions for incontinence care? Simple, hygienic and discreet – perfect for everyday use.

Modern catheter and stoma systems permit patients to participate in normal social life.
The optimum packaging for such products offers a high level of product protection and can be hygienically and easily opened for everyday use. Our differentiated portfolio is ideal for the different market requirements. The spectrum ranges from inexpensive, highly-efficient and tried and trusted standard systems for the mass market or typical application areas, right up to customer-tailored special solutions.

  • Optimization for high-performance processes
  • Resistance to liquids and local anesthetics

Robust packaging systems allowing easy & hygienic access


Tubing systems represent a particular challenge in packaging processes. Our product portfolio comprises thermoformable films as a system solution with standard medical papers, or flexible bag and tray systems. Whatever is required, our film concepts provide a high sterile barrier and a secure closure which can still be opened easily.

  • Highly efficient
  • Economically viable
  • Flexible
Catheter and indwelling catheter system from SÜDPACK MEDICA

The generously-sized holding plates and bags used for artificial bowel outlets demand a robust packaging. Usually, rigid and flexible trays are used for the purpose. What are their most important features? An excellent sterile barrier and convenient access to the bag. This is because it should be easy to insert and remove the products.

  • Easy handling
  • Sterility
  • Mechanical durability
Stoma care Baseplate from SÜDPACK MEDICA

Urinary pouches are connected to bladder catheters. They are available in various sizes and constructions to cater for the different user requirements. As with stoma bags, over pouch systems with a simple filling and removal concept are a smart choice.

  • Large selection of flexible films and bag making material
  • High puncture resistance
  • Instructions for use printed directly on the packaging
Catheter and urine bag from SÜDPACK MEDICA