Solutions for filters, tubing and access systems

We offer a comprehensive range of flow wrap, bag making materials, and thermoformable packaging with sterile barriers 

Very different products are required for short-term and permanent renal replacement therapies such as hemodialysis.
The wide diversity of products is mirrored in an equally wide diversity of packaging.
We at SÜDPACK MEDICA support manufacturers on the market with high-quality packaging concepts which are perfectly designed for dialysis filters, needles, connectors, tubing and liquid products – with optimum all-round protection for uncompromising sterility and convenient opening characteristics.

  • For bulky, sharp-edged components
  • For large sets
  • For individual products

Packaging for dialysis products must be perfectly designed to fit each item. We know this.


Puncture resistance, low particle load, good peelability, easy product access and high transparency of the film components – these are the most important properties for dialysis filter packaging systems.

We cover different application scenarios with our high-performance film solutions, from sterilization and dust covers through to the manual filling of bags, flow wrap and thermoformable packaging.


These systems are generally packaged in large-format bags, a wide range of which are available from SÜDPACK.

All our products have one thing in common: they are characterized by their outstanding quality and high-performance functionality.
This includes good peelability for maximum application convenience when opening the packaging and removing the product – and a low black dots count.