Thermoformable rigid films – a wide variety and high product protection

Maximum flexibility in packaging design and performance – and at the same time sustainable

Recyclable packaging protection for kits and instruments

Our thermoformable rigid films are based on recyclable PET, PP or PLA made from renewable raw materials. They are ideal for tray packaging in which surgical sets, instruments, syringes and ampoules have to be fixed in a tray, and can be flexibly equipped with different barriers and resistances.

PharmaGuard – recyclable film concept for blister packaging

As a PP-based mono-material solution, our innovative blister film is recyclable – and meets the special requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

The high-performance top and bottom webs PharmaGuard are manufactured using a unique coextrusion process. They offer optimum barrier properties, are characterized by good processability on existing packaging lines, and offer a high degree of flexibility thanks to a wide range of thicknesses. Compared to the other PP-based blister film solutions on the market, our blister concept also stands out due to its very high transparency.

  • Very good machinability on commercially available packaging lines
  • Excellent water vapor barrier
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • High transparency 

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Ecopet – for particularly demanding products

A thermoformable, versatile rigid film with sealing layer for different, peelable lid systems

Thanks to its stability, abrasion resistance and high sterile barrier, our APET-based Ecopet is a safe and also recyclable packaging solution for prefilled syringes, cannulas, surgical sets or instruments.
The coextruded thermoforming film is suitable for highly-automated molding, filling and sealing processes, and can be molded and processed in a wide variety of ways. It can be adapted to very different lid and sealing systems and equipped with additional functions, tints and barriers.

  • Very high transparency
  • Suitable for sterilization
  • Can be stored below 0°

Ecoterm – SÜDPACK’s thermoformable all-rounder

Polypropylen rigid film for sealing against coated Tyvek or PP-based lid systems

The solvent-free, recyclable PP thermoforming film is mainly characterized by its improved thermostability and low shrink in comparison to other thermoforming films. Like the Ecopet, it offers flexible molding, filling and sealing options and is available in various thicknesses. It is suitable as a high-performance material for trays and thermoforming applications, for ETO and steam sterilization or, with the use of appropriate additives, for gamma irradiation.

  • Safe sterile, water vapor and oxygen barrier
  • Adaptable according to customer requirements
  • High mechanical and chemical resistance