Coextruded tubular film – with no lateral sealing or migration risks

A comprehensive portfolio from a leading plastics extruder: our tubular bags fulfill all packaging-specific requirements on stability,
transparency, barrier capability and efficiency. Our bag production takes place under clean room conditions.

Film concepts made from PE-PA-PE

High mechanical strength, functional and available in a wide range of options – tubular bags made from PE-PA-PE

With our wide product range of PE-PA-PE tubular bags, we are able to serve very different market requirements. Thanks to their high puncture resistance, strength and (also manual) sealability, the transparent films by SÜDPACK MEDICA are predestined for the packaging and vacuum packaging of heavy, pointed and angular medical goods in tubular bags. Filling of the goods and product access can be carried out easily and safely through the large opening window.

  • Suitable for gamma sterilization
  • Can be processed on conventional machines
  • Medium barrier properties

Film solutions made from PE-PP

Optimum protection and recyclability – SÜDPACK tubular bags made from PE-PP

SÜDPACK is continuously expanding its range of polyolefin-based systems in order to fulfill the increasing demand for more sustainability. Our films are recyclable, but maintain the conventional functionalities and properties for the packaging of bulk products and powders – medium puncture resistance and strength, single barriers or high barriers against gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, good processability and sealability and suitability for gamma sterilization.

  • Clear material concept
  • Vacuum bags
  • Bags for more demanding applications

Film concepts made from LDPE

Recyclable LDPE tubular bags provide protection against external influences and are also sustainable

Our recyclable films for tubular bags are just as functional and transparent as conventional materials. In this way, they fulfill the current requirements in terms of sustainable packaging concepts to a particularly high standard. They offer bulk products with versatile protection against environmental influences and mechanical stresses. They can be efficiently processed, and are also suitable for the production of vacuum packaging or gamma sterilization.

  • Easy product access due to tubular profile
  • Good opening characteristics, also with tear notch
  • Good sealing properties