Pharmaceutical drugs safely packaged

From filling to application

Our focus: product and patient safety

Effective active ingredient preservation and health protection through innovative packaging

Drug products are subject to stringent regulations – from development, manufacture and storage, right up to their application.
This is because active ingredients, the shelf life of which is altered through environmental influences or contamination, may cause substantial health damage. Therefore, protection against such alterations and product safety are the top priority for pharmaceutical packaging.

  • Large range of products for solid and powdered drug products (capsules, tablets and sachets)
  • High protective barrier against external influences and the migration of water and oxygen
  • Recycling-optimized solutions for solida packaging which are free of halogenic substances

Fields of application


Only properly-produced tablets, coated tablets, powder or liquids are suitable for enteral application.
Our cGMP-compliant packaging films offer maximum product protection and can be processed on all common packaging machines.

  • Blister, stickpacks and sachets
  • Recyclable PP blister film for solida applications with optimized shrink
  • Printable Al-polyester/paper laminates for strip packaging



For liquid drug products intended for infusions or injections, SÜDPACK is able to offer special thermoformed films for over pouches such as tray systems, product carriers and outer packaging.

  • Sturdy secondary packaging for sterilization, transport and storage
  • PP blister film for prefilled syringes, vials and ampoules with optimized shrink
  • Recyclable concepts for over pouches for infusion and blood bags



Drug products for transdermal applications or the cGMP-compliant packaging required for wound care with outstanding barrier properties.
For this purpose, SÜDPACK offers a wide spectrum of high-performance laminated films.

  • Printable sterile goods packaging with high active ingredient preservation
  • Pre-fabricated bag making material with barrier systems (DIN EN 15378)
  • Laminated films for thermoforming and flow wrap systems



In the field of biopharmaceuticals, the demand for single-use systems which can be utilized as fermenters or bioreactors is increasing.
The proteins thus obtained are in turn used to obtain active ingredients such as therapeutic agents and vaccines.
Together with partners, we at SÜDPACK are developing special films for the purpose.

  • High mechanical film stability and resistance
  • Special Life Science films for sterilizable 2D and 3D bags


Where to get safe pharmaceutical packaging? From SÜDPACK, of course!

Since 1989, we have developed high-tech films for the pharmaceuticals sector.
We combine more than 50 years of experience as leading plastics processors with ultra-modern technology and intensive research.

A unique technological mix

Our own compounding, regranulation, extrusion and lamination processes represent the basis for optimum packaging concepts.

Comprehensive expertise

Long-standing branch and consultancy competence, state of the art production and high quality consciousness – the ideal combination.

Tradition meets innovation

As a responsible family-run business, we invest in people, in technologies, and above all in our future.