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With operations in more than 70 countries – being close to our customers is the key to our success

SÜDPACK MEDICA is part of the internationally active SÜDPACK Group, one of the leading manufacturers of high-tech films and packaging materials for the food, non-food and medical device industries as well as for technical applications. With production sites in Europe and the USA as well as a global sales and service network, we at SÜDPACK ensure a high degree of closeness to customers and comprehensive application technology support in nearly 75 countries. SÜDPACK MEDICA has its headquarters in Baar, Switzerland.

Gacé (France)

The French town of Gacé, not far from Coulmer in Normandy, is home to the SÜDPACK MEDICA production site. Medical sterile packaging is produced exclusively here, in particular bags for medical applications, in state-of-the-art, ISO-certified clean rooms. For printing, our customers have access to in-house offset printing technology.

Ochsenhausen (Germany)

The core technologies that are located at the SÜDPACK headquarters include extrusion, printing and lamination. It is also home to the extrusion and application technology center as well as the multiXtrusion pilot plant. With the foundation of Ecoform in the neighboring town of Erlenmoos in 1988, SÜDPACK strengthened its offer of rigid and flexible films. In Erolzheim in 2020, a new logistics center for storage and dispatch was commissioned as an additional foothold in the region. The premises simultaneously serve as the production site for customized conversion solutions.

Schwendi (Germany)

Our plant in Schwendi focuses on the development of high-tech films for the production of both packaging and technical products. Moreover, the site serves as the new Competence Center for the processing and recycling of reusable materials. The integration of in-house compounding facilities is a milestone on the path to sustainability and demonstrates our commitment to an internal circular economy without compromise. Production-related film waste from the main plant is collected in sorted groups and then prepared for meaningful reprocessing in Schwendi.

Bioggio (Switzerland)

With the acquisition of the Picotti plant in Bioggio in Ticino, we strengthened our expertise in the field of rotogravure printing in 2002. Today with approximately 150 employees and modern printing machines, Bioggio is the center for gravure printing for our company group. Another key focus of its business activities is both solvent-based and solvent-free lamination.

Oak Creek, WI (USA)

With the acquisition of the plant in Oak Creek in 2017, the SÜDPACK performance portfolio expanded to include flexo and rotogravure printing. At the same time, the Oak Creek site is an important platform for tapping into additional shares of the US market and is headquarter to our new business unit for the region. This is where a range of important film processing steps are now being carried out directly in the United States, in particular film printing and finishing.

Grootegast / LPF (Netherlands)

The core competencies of the Dutch subsidiary LPF most notably include the development and production of printed and unprinted duplex and triplex composites for packaging applications, which provide maximum product protection and sterilizability for even the most demanding applications. With its high-quality machinery, corresponding infrastructure and optimally equipped technical center, the site in Grootegast will be gradually upgraded to become the Competence Center for High-Barrier Laminates within the SÜDPACK Group.

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