Films for single-use bioreactor systems and media storage

High mechanical strength and outstanding contact layer properties

Together with the global market leader for single-use bioreactor systems, SÜDPACK has developed a film with the ideal characteristics profile for the preparation, storage and transport of cell cultures and media. What distinguishes these?
Mechanical stability, resistance and specifically selected contact layers for smooth production and logistics processes. We insert the life science films into 2D and 3D bags. They form an important component for the merging of biopharmaceutical processes. We also offer bag making material for cold storage applications as a storage medium for diverse raw materials.

Special products require special solutions. We are able to cope with any challenge.


Our optimized antioxidant packaging concepts are ideal for vaccines, bioconjugates and monoclonal antibodies.

They effectively support and accelerate even, and therefore excellent cell growth – and thus optimize efficiency in production.

Above all cell density, protein titers and speed are of particular relevance in the industry today.


With our high-quality containers for the reproduction of the growth characteristics of sensitive cell viabilities, we support the industry in the implementation of its ambitious targets.

They promote outstanding cell density, reduce the risk of inconsistencies or batch losses and result in high product purity for improved productivity and stability.

Dropping yellow liquid sample to test tube with microscope. Medical, pharmaceutical and scientific research and development concept.

Clean filters and membranes should actually be a matter of course.

Our packaging plays a major role in upholding this standard. Because we produce in a clean room, we can effectively avoid initial contamination of our materials.

The transparent materials ensure a sterile barrier along the entire supply chain. This is because our customers should always receive only the best from SÜDPACK.

Vaccine Manufacturing Process Fill And Finish